This Awesome Museum Exhibit Teaches Kids About Associating with Others Who Are Different

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Autism Live gets the inside scoop on the Noah’s Ark Exhibit at the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles, California. The exhibit is an amazing space for kids, as it is an educational and interactive model for kids to learn about the environment and how to live and associate themselves with others who are different from them.

The exhibit is also made from repurposed materials to teach kids about caring for the earth in which we live.

Watch as Assistant Director of Education, Jason Porter, gives Autism Live a tour of the exhibit and explains three things they focused on: the storm, the ark, and the rainbow.


In their research, they found over 200 stories around the world that have similar flood stories to Noah’s Ark and they found all three points embracing the challenge, a means of survival, and a symbol of hope to give the world a second chance.

Check out the tour in the video below!

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