Family Pleads for Help for Autistic Boy Who Is Devastated Without His Lost Nintendo Switch

The family of a young boy with autism is hoping that someone will come forward with the boy’s Nintendo Switch after he lost it a few days ago.

Eight-year-old James Gillet is believed to have lost the toy in the Strand or along the canal in the small town of Bootle in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, Merseyside, England. He and his family were there over the weekend walking along the canal and shopping at a nearby shopping center, and that’s where they believe he must have dropped it.

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He’s been devastated ever since he lost it, as it’s more than just a game to him; it helps him cope with his anxiety, and he takes it everywhere.

The gaming console was inside of a red Super Mario case the last time it was seen. Inside the case, there was also a green Minecraft bag containing some of his Switch games, including his very favorite, Minecraft.

James’s nan, Tracy Smith, is now urging anyone who comes across the device to turn it over to Merseyside police or a staff member at the shopping center there.

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“James has been lost without his Switch; it’s a big thing, and it’s having a big impact on him,” she says. “It helps with his anxiety and keeps him relaxed. He takes it everywhere with him. He hasn’t stopped crying.”

James’s family is hopeful that the Nintendo Switch will be found and turned in by a good samaritan.

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“We would be made up – I would cry,” Tracy says about her reaction if someone turned the device in. “I would just be delighted, I really would. I would be so eternally grateful if somebody handed it in. There are good people in the world – I just hope it’s a good person who finds the Switch. He’s just so lost without it.”

Of course, many people won’t realize how this gaming console could possibly be more than a toy to James. But for people on the autism spectrum, who often have special belongings they treasure or obsess over, a toy can be much more than it seems. We hope that James gets his Nintendo Switch back soon!

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