Dan Marino Shares How Autism has Affected Him. So Moving!

Autism doesn’t make exceptions for anyone. Whether you’re a superstar, a professional athlete, or a computer genius, it doesn’t mean autism won’t affect you.

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dan Marino, experienced this firsthand when his son, Michael, was diagnosed with autism at two-and-a-half years old.

The Marinos knew something was wrong when they noticed their son Michael wasn’t developing as fast as children should at his age. First told by their pediatrician not to worry because boys tend to be late bloomers, their instincts turned out to be right.

Shortly after he was diagnosed on the spectrum, Michael’s parents placed him in a program for children with developmental delays.

Watch how early intervention and intensive therapy has helped Michael learn the social and communication skills he was lacking.

The Marinos remind us that it’s extremely important to get the proper care and therapy for your child when you notice something isn’t right. Let’s raise awareness for autism!

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