New Findings Uncovering The Autistic Brain

One of the world’s leading neuro-scientists, Henry Markram is the mastermind behind the Human Brain Project, research that hopes to build a supercomputer model of the human brain. So it’s only ironic that a man with such knowledge of how the brain works, is found stumped to how to find the inner workings of his son Kai who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Teaming up with his wife Kamila, also a top brain researcher, they look deeper into the autistic brain and debunk the many assumptions that children on the spectrum are mentally retarded. In actuality they have found in their studies that autistic brains are amplified and become too intense. Watch as Kamila discusses how the nerve cells in a brain with autism are hyper connected to each other and amplify stimuli that enter. Learn more about their findings now!

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