This Documentary Takes a Complex Look at Romantic Relationships on the Spectrum

Romantic relationships can be a mystery for all of us, but for adults with autism, navigating the world of dating is an even more daunting challenge. For most adults on the spectrum, the core characteristics of a relationship — communication and social interaction — are inherently difficult.

Autism in Love is a feature-length documentary film exploring the unique challenges adults with autism face as they manage romantic relationships. The film follows multiple couples in various stages of their relationships, as well as single adults who are actively looking for their soul mates.

According to the film’s website, filmmakers are “interested in giving a voice directly to people on the autism spectrum, letting them tell the stories of their ups and downs in the pursuit of love. We will share their remarkable journey with the utmost respect, integrity, and honesty.”

The film has now been released.

Check out the “Autism in Love” trailer, and learn more about the project at

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