This App Could Detect Autism in 6-Month-Olds

Early detection is widely considered to be the key to improving quality of life for those with autism. Unfortunately, systemic barriers often prevent children from receiving early diagnosis and life-changing care.

Currently, parents must wait until children are 1-2 years old before assessing them for an autism diagnosis. What’s more, even after diagnosis, they can sit for years on treatment waiting lists, making early intervention virtually impossible.

Dr. Ofer Avital is working to remove these barriers with an early-detection app called Neuroscreen. Neuroscreen is designed to scan babies’ eye and head movements and translate them to algorithms which can determine whether children are at low, medium or high risk for developing autism.

If it’s viable, Neuroscreen will be the first diagnostic test available for use on babies as young as 6 months old, an unprecedented and much-needed advancement in regards to early detection and intervention.

As you’ll see in the video, Neuroscreen is in the preliminary developmental stages and is not currently considered capable of diagnosing autism. Nevertheless, it’s an encouraging move within the autism research community and it speaks to the possibilities that lie ahead for autism treatment when medicine and technology intersect.

Check out the video to hear Dr. Avital describe the amazing capabilities of the Neuroscreen app.

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