This Autistic Young Man Astounded His Teachers By Playing Any Song from Memory

Imagine hearing a song and instantly being able to sing and play it on the piano with no experience at all! Most of us wouldn’t have any idea where to begin, and even those of us with extensive musical experience are unlikely to be able to get a song completely right just by hearing it once.

For 15-year-old Nathan Putska who has autism, it’s a piece of cake to listen to a piece of music and then recreate it all by himself on the piano.

Attending the Brenham State Supportive Living Center, Putska was directed to the school’s music teacher who heard his ability and described him as “off the charts”!

Nathan does not know how to read music, but he doesn’t have to. All he needs to do is listen to a song, and he can take it apart in his head and build it back up with all the correct keys of his piano.

This guy brings new meaning to the words “play by ear.” Watch Nathan’s amazing talents and how his teachers believe there are no limits to his gift!

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