This Beautiful Song About Autism Centers Around The Thoughts Of A Child On The Spectrum

“My Heroes (Thoughts Of An Autistic Child)” is performed by Valene Greer, inspired by John Stevenson (a boy on the spectrum), and written by John’s parents, Jennifer and Peter Stevenson. The song pulls directly from John’s thoughts and experiences. It describes his journey with autism and how he began to push his boundaries at the age of four. In the song, he thanks his heroes (friends, siblings, teachers, everyday people) who have helped him along the way. In the middle of the song, John himself recites a monologue.

A sampling of the lyrics:

I was living in darkness till I met all of you
I was frightened and lost, didn’t know what to do
My mind was in turmoil, confused and alone
But gentle you showed me I’m not on my own

Fast forward nine summers — my sun’s shining bright
You banished the darkness, brought me into the light
You drove out the demons, the fear that was rife
And slowly you gave me a new way of life

‘Cause you are my heroes you are my heroes
You are the ones who always gave a helping hand
And you are my heroes, you are my heroes
You are the greatest heroes anyone could have.
Now we’ve memories to last

Listen to this beautiful song in the video!

**John wanted to give back to the community that helped him. If you purchase the song on CdBaby, 50% of the proceeds from this song benefit centres in Ireland, where he lives. (It is also available on iTunes and Soundcloud. Those sales, however, are not eligible for the donation.)

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