My little super hero Skyler

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When I was pregnant I never thought that one day my son would teach me so much about myself and the world around me. When my son was little I always notice little quirks about him but that made Skyler him. When he was around 2 I started to notice he wasn’t talking as much as kids his age and even some of the words he had known he could say anymore and he didn’t want to interact with kids around him.

When I brought my concern up to others they said he was fine not to worry but I knew there was something different about my son.After speaking to my doctor we were sent to a specialist and a month before he turned 3 my son was diagnosed with Autism. All I could think was why Skyler? Then it all made sense when I put all those little quirks together. I now realize yes there is something different about Skyler but that’s what makes him special. I wouldn’t change a thing about my son. I have learned so much from him in the 4 short years he has been alive.

Although it can be frustrating at times when I see him running around in his super hero costumes and pretending to be his favorite super heroes it puts a smile on my face. Im excited for his future because after 1 short year in his school program he is able to communicate a little better and his social skills are improving. I want my son to know that his Autism is not something to be ashamed of it is something to be proud of because it is what makes him who is my little Super Skyler.

– Sarah Minatrea
Surprise, AZ

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