My Amazing Grandson Nicky

When my grandson Nicky was diagnosed with autism, it was scary for all of us. But he proves to us everyday that he doesn’t have a disability…only different abilities! He is like any other seven-year-old but accomplishes things in his own way.

Sometimes I look at his precious face and wonder what all his giggles are about. I wonder how he has a whole vocabulary in his head but never really learned to talk. I wish for one minute I could get into that brilliant little brain of his and see the world as he sees it. He has come so far in only a few years and continues to amaze us everyday. His mother is just as amazing and because of my daughter Renee — her love, attention, and always, always doing whats best for Nicky everyday — I am absolutely positive that he will someday grow into an independent young man who will continue to plow through any obstacle that gets in his way. There’s no stopping this mother/son team! Even though my daughter feels her efforts are never enough…He is a happy, grounded, smart, and clever little boy. He is like this because of you, Renee! I love you both so much…..Merry Xmas…..Love, Mom

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