Have You Heard of Multi-Sensory Rooms? Learn How These Unique Establishments Help Kids with Autism!

Twelve-year-old Scott is one out of 1 in 68 children in the United States who live with autism. Diagnosed with regressive autism at the age of 3, Scott’s parents did all the research they could to understand what they were facing.

Like many other children on the autism spectrum, Scott has sensory issues that cause many of his behavioral problems. To relieve the stress that comes from his sensory sensitivity, Scott seeks relief by hurting himself or others without knowing it.

Watch as his family was introduced to the multi-sensory room that helps stimulate and calm Scott. This room helps children with special needs to fulfill sensory requirements and helps them explore. Since Scott was introduced to this multi-sensory room, called Special Haven, he has dramatically improved.

Check out the video below to learn more about Scott’s story and how the multi-sensory room has benefitted him, as well as other children on the autism spectrum!

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