Company Gifts Autistic Boy An Unlimited Supply Of His Favorite Mini Hot Dogs

Living with a child who has autism sometimes comes with its unexpected challenges as one mom found out when her son’s favorite food was sold out at their local Woolworths store.

40-year-old mom, Leanne Page, who lives in Morayfield, just north of Brisbane, had gone to the store to get Keith’s Foods Mini Dagwood Dogs. But they were sold out. Page tried several other stores in the area but had no luck when she went to them either.

Unable to find them anywhere, and not sure what to do, Page decided she’d get in touch with the Keith’s Foods company in order to inquire about the Mini Dagwood Dogs, worried that they had been discontinued. Because her 3-year-old son, Tyler, has autism, the food is the only thing that he’s willing to eat. Page explained to Daily Mail Australia that when she called, she got a woman named Karen who informed her she could purchase them an hour and a half away.

But Page wouldn’t have to make the journey. Before she knew it, Keith’s Foods had come through with a major gesture of care. They turned up on her front doorstep with a 30-box supply of the mini dogs for Tyler. This was a very touching gesture for Page, as she explained that he hasn’t touched any other kind of food in the last two years. She claimed she was “blown away” by the company’s empathy.

As Karen had explained to Page on the phone according to Daily Mail, Keith’s Foods had been experiencing trouble sourcing certain key ingredients during the pandemic, hence the short supplies. Karen then had some even better news for Page a few days later. Four days after Page received the touching delivery, Karen called her back with wonderful news. She had spoken to her boss and a wonderful decision was made. Karen informed her that so long as Tyler was willing to eat the particular food product, then the company was willing to supply them for free. Karen shared with Page that all she needed to do whenever she was running low, was to contact them and they’d take care of the rest with 150 free boxes.

Both Page and her son were completely in shock yet delighted by the kindness shown to them. Page made sure to get in touch with Karen and give her flowers and a card as a thank you to her and her department for going to such great lengths to accommodate Tyler and his dietary needs. The loving mother of three cannot express how much the gesture has meant to her and what an impact it has had on her family. Tyler, for one, was very excited, as he absolutely loves his mini hotdogs.

Page went on to post about the caring customer service experience in a Facebook group called The Kindness Pandemic. Naturally, the post received more than 6,000 positive reactions and hundreds of comments. So many other people were pleasantly surprised with how Keith’s Foods handled the entire thing. Many people agreed that there should be more businesses that operate on such kindness.

Keith’s Foods has been around since 1976. The Australian food company also shared that they had been receiving a lot more messages since their kind gesture – something that a spokeswoman for the company shared with Daily Mail Australia. She cited that the company will often do charitable acts as they work closely with charity organizations through the company’s distributors. But the spokeswoman admitted they never expected such a reaction from the small act of sending Dagwood dogs to the Page family.

But that’s just the prime example of how one small act of kindness can make a world of difference.

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