Daughter of Mom with Autism Reminds Us That the Symptoms Don’t Disappear After Childhood

Wendy Hamilton was raised by a mother with autism. The thing is, her family didn’t know that “Moppy” was on the spectrum until 2007 — after her kids were grown up. As a child, Moppy slipped through the cracks in the system and her struggles were brushed off as simply being lazy.

Wendy and her sister always felt like something was different about their mom, and it wasn’t just that she wanted her kids to call her “Moppy,” or that she called her daughters “Fred” and “Leroy.” Moppy required hours upon hours of alone time; she didn’t cook or clean; and she didn’t give the girls much affection as they grew up.

While having a professional diagnosis has certainly explained a lot and relieved some of the feelings Wendy and her family have had, Wendy realized that there are few resources available for adults with autism. And she’s aiming to change that.

“We must remember — we must remember — to train our communities, and ourselves, to remember that autism doesn’t become invisible after childhood,” Wendy says.

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