Boy Falls 17 Stories — And Is Miraculously Unharmed Thanks to THIS!

Little kids are not the best at looking out for their surroundings, but it’s not often that you hear a story of a child getting himself or herself into quite this much of a pickle. And it’s even rarer that everything turns out so well!

Four-year-old Joey Williams was chasing a balloon through his family’s condo when the unthinkable happened. He ran out on the balcony through a sliding glass door and climbed up on the railing in an attempt to reach the balloon. Moments later, he fell 17 stories to the pool deck below.

Joey’s father was playing with his other children and didn’t realize Joey had gone onto the balcony until he heard a loud “thud.”

The little boy’s family rushed down to where Joey lay on the ground, hardly daring to hope for anything but the worst. But luck, or some other higher power, was on their side that day.

Amazingly, Joey ended up with only scratches and bruises. It turned out he had first crashed into some palm trees and bushes before hitting the one patch of dirt on the pool deck.

Take a look at this incredible video to see where Joey fell and how he managed to get away with only some scratches…and hopefully a better awareness of safety and gravity.

Check it out!

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