Michael Jordan Reaches Out to His Biggest Fan in the Coolest Way

It’s hard to imagine what could be cooler than getting recognized by your celebrity hero. But for 33-year-old Jeffrey Harrison, that became a reality.

Harrison, who is on the autism spectrum, has been a huge fan of Michael Jordan since he was four years old, and he himself loves to play basketball, too.

In a video that went viral, he could be seen paying homage to the star athlete by playing pickup basketball, decked from head to toe in Michael Jordan gear.

Jordan himself ended up seeing the video, too. And he decided to reach out.

A while after the video was posted, Harrison received a special delivery from his hero: two boxes filled with gear, from t-shirts to shoes to cologne. The gift also included a wonderful letter penned just for Harrison.

But that wasn’t all. Harrison even got a phone call from Jordan!

Learn more about this awesome story and Jordan’s wonderful act of kindness in the video below!

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