Research Shows That Father’s Age Can Increase Autism Risk

We’ve all heard that the age of a mother is connected to her child’s autism risk. However, studies have also found that a father’s age is just as much a factor.

Autism in offspring is found in one in 1,000 fathers under the age of 39, and one in 145 fathers over the age of 40. As a man’s sperm ages, it continues to divide, which increases the risk of mutation. These mutations can then lead to developmental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder.

However, not everyone agrees that the age of the child’s parents necessarily plays a role when it comes to the risk of autism development.

Mary Jacob, executive director of Families Helping Families of Jefferson, for example, notes that most of the 2,000 or so families this organization strives to help have parents under the age of 40.

“We see it across the board everywhere,” she said.

To learn more about this area of research, watch the video below!

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