BREAKING NEWS: McDonald’s Recalls Happy Meal Toy Due to Skin Irritations

On August 23, 2016, McDonald’s USA and Canada declared a voluntary recall on “STEP-iT” wristbands, a fitness tracker Happy Meal toy that was distributed to customers between August 9 through 17. About 29 million bands are being recalled in the U.S. and 3.6 million are being recalled in Canada.

This recall is due to over 70 reported cases of skin irritations and burns, which also includes seven reported cases of blisters.


The brightly-colored fitness trackers count a child’s movements, such as steps, and light up when in motion, blinking slower or faster based on the speed of the movements.

If your child received one of these bands from a McDonald’s Happy Meal or Mighty Kids Meal, please return it to any McDonald’s. In exchange, your child will receive a free toy in addition to a yogurt tube or package of apple slices.

McDonald’s stopped distributing the wristbands on August 17 after concerns about skin irritations arose.

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