McDonald’s Donates Car And Presents To Family With Autistic Son

We all would like to do something nice, but not all of us are in a position to give someone a car. McDonald’s, on the other hand, saw an opportunity and took advantage of it.

It happened when a local McDonald’s in Georgia saw a family who was having a hard time getting transportation. Just two days prior to Christmas, however, their problems were fixed when the store owners provided Christmas presents to a 15-year-old with autism named Devon Johnson-winters.

Devon was wearing all of the McDonald’s merch he could possibly find, and he brought along his parents, Brent and Tiffany Winters. As it turns out, McDonald’s had a surprise for those two as well.

Photo: Facebook /Johnstone Foods – McDonald’s

Tracy Johnstone is a franchisee who has seven restaurants in the local area. According to News Herald, she said: “For us as an organization, I would like to think this is who we are in the community. We definitely have ketchup in our veins, but I think we also have a lot of empathy in our veins. … This really manifests a belief of who we are as an organization.”

All of the gifts that Devon received, including an art set, iPad, noise-canceling headphones, and more were purchased by Johnstone Foods McDonald’s. Corporate McDonald’s funded the vehicle, which only had 6000 miles on it.

When Johnston heard that the Winters were looking for “golden arches” for their son, she familiarized herself with the family. Johnstone Foods McDonald’s members traveled to Georgia to provide a set of 3-foot tall arches to the young man. When corporate McDonald’s learned what was going on, things snowballed until the car was included in the surprise.

Devon really cares about the golden arches and in many of his drawings, they are a primary part. Since he isn’t able to take part in many activities that other children do, they wanted to find him arches to provide their son with a special gift.

We echo the sentiments of the family, who appreciate hearing some good news among all of the bad news that seems to be coming our way. As News Herald reported, Brent said:

“We’re in a time of need, and this is going to change our lives. We’ve been hitching rides for about 30 days now.

We’re … Christian, and faith is a big thing, and we’ve had a lot of prayers over this. It feels like prayers have been answered.”

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