Max Shares Several Reasons Why His “Defective” Brain Is Actually Pretty Awesome

Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders can be polarizing topics of discussion sometimes. Some people wish they could be cured. Others find value in the uniqueness of a brain that works just a little bit differently than everybody else’s. This interesting film from the point of view of someone with Asperger’s explores the argument between those viewpoints and shows how important individuality is, even if some people think it’s a little odd.

“I find the world very confusing and chaotic, because my mind is very literal and logical,” Max starts out in the voiceover of the animated film below.

In the video, Max described what it feels like to be a person on the autism spectrum. He says some doctors have told him his brain is defective but that there will someday be a cure for it. But Max doesn’t like it when people talk this way.

“I do not feel disabled, defective, or like I need to be cured. I like being an Aspie.”

There is one thing Max wishes he could change about himself. Learn what it is and find out more about the other things that make Max unique in the video.

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