Mariah’s Dance

Mariah has a spirit all her own. Ever since she learned to walk at nine months she’s had her own li’l dance because it’s so hard for her to just sit still. She was diagnosed with autism when she was almost three and still not using words. She’s four now, and she’s come so far. She’s almost speaking in full sentences and she’s no longer afraid of strangers. She’s still a very picky eater and not potty trained yet, but she’s very interested in it. She still dances around all day until she passes out.

Mariah has shown us how to be patient, understanding, compassionate, and to love unconditionally. We also know she’ll be a functioning member of society one day and do something amazing! She’s got a smile that lights up a room. The first time she said “goodnight mama” I cried like a giant baby. She is our only daughter, making her our little princess. She’s changed our lives in a beautiful, sometimes challenging way, but I wouldn’t have it otherwise. She’s an autistic angel and we love her more than anyone could ever know.

Abigail Radliff
West Allis, WI

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