Nobody Would Hire This Man With Autism So He Started His Own Business

It can be difficult when you try time and time again to get hired and keep falling short of the mark.
It can happen to anyone, but when you are born with a disability, finding an employer that will work with you may be even more difficult.

Nobody knows this more than a man named Michael Coyne who began looking for work when he was 21 years old. Coyne is autistic and he found that he was getting one rejection after another.

Rather than throwing up his hands and giving up, he began a coffee shop in his hometown of North Smithfield, Rhode Island. The coffee shop is named Red, White & Brew.

Photo: Facebook /Red White & Brew Coffeehouse

ABC6 spoke with Sheila Coyne, Michael’s mother. She discussed how watching her son struggle at first was very difficult. It was especially difficult when the family was together and everyone was talking about their day at work except Michael.

She continued to encourage him to put in applications after he turned 21 but nobody was hiring. He didn’t want to simply give up, so he worked with the State’s Developmental Disabilities Council and soon opened his own coffee shop. Since that time, Coyne says they have been very busy and she says that process is fun.

Photo: Facebook / Red, White, & Brew Coffeehouse

It is more than just a shop that serves coffee, they have a motto that shows their motives and the mission they are trying to achieve. On their website, it reads: “We are a family-owned coffee shop serving up more than a cup of coffee. We employ people with developmental disabilities, encourage community engagement, and change the way the world sees those with disabilities.”

Many happy customers have already left reviews talking about their experience when using Red, White & Brew. They talk about how they enjoy visiting the shop and how the service is “super friendly.”

Photo: Facebook / Red, White, & Brew Coffeehouse

Many also appreciate bringing children with disabilities to the café because it is family and disability friendly. Along with serving coffee, they also have the “Budding Violet” craft shop on the other side of the café. Artists who have disabilities are able to sell their homemade products.

You can visit the café for yourself at 601 GreatRd, North Smithfield, RI 02896.

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