This ASD Teen Overcomes His Social Anxieties to Compete on His School’s Swim Team!

When Ryan was just two years old, his mother noticed that he was still not speaking, so she took him in for tests. She did not believe the diagnosis could possibly be autism, but it was. When she found out he was on the autism spectrum, she realized that she needed to stop focusing on herself and start giving Ryan a life that will make him happy, despite the challenges she knew would come.

As Ryan got older, he started to show a lot of interest in swimming—by the time he reached high school, Ryan decided he wanted to join the swim team. There was just one problem. He suffered from severe social anxiety and was mostly nonverbal. His coach began to teach him in the hopes that he was understanding and grasping the concepts despite his inability to tell his coach whether or not he had questions.

With the help of his coach and classmates, Ryan was able to overcome his social anxieties and difficulty with communication to become a member of Farmingdale High School’s swim team.

You’re not going to want to miss this kid’s journey toward the his goal! High five, Ryan!

Watch the inspiring story in the video.

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