This Incredible Toy Is Perfect for Kids on the Spectrum

Rarely do big-box store toys cater to the needs of children on the spectrum, especially educational toys. Magna-Tiles® are breaking the mold.

These colorful magnetic tiles are not only flying off the shelves (ask your kids, they’ll verify!), but they’re actually teaching kids geometry, critical thinking and fine motor skills.

How? Each colorful tile’s magnet-lined edges make it easy for kids to construct anything they can dream up, and take those shapes from 2D to 3D.

This kind of creative construction activates right-brain critical thinking and builds hands-on creative problem solving skills, especially for children on the autism spectrum. But of course, kids have no idea they’re learning!

Here’s a peek at just one of the countless projects “Magna-Tects” are falling in love with:

Now for a limited time, you can order a 32-piece set or a 100-piece set of Magna-Tiles® for your own home from The Autism Site Store, where, as always, your purchase helps fund research and therapy for children with autism!

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