Brad Is Nonverbal and Can’t Read, But He Has a Special Talent for Blueprints

Brad has autism, and he is self-sufficient in many ways — because Brad is a man who always finds a way. See, Brad is nonverbal, so he uses basic sign language to communicate. He can’t read, but he can understand any diagram or blueprint, regardless of how complicated it is — so he builds things, whether they’re Lego figures, model airplanes, or furniture, like tables and shelves.

Now Brad’s dad is helping this young builder take the next step: building his very own business.

If squinting down at a little instruction leaflet, trying to figure out which screw goes where, and using trial and error to assemble things just isn’t…well, your thing, Brad is your man! He can assemble anything and do it perfectly. Because, you know, he’s awesome like that.

So he does just that as a business in Edmonton, Alberta. His dad hopes that it will give him a sense of accomplishment and help him feel integrated in the community.

Watch the video to learn more!

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