Even Ellen Can’t Keep it Together With This Hilarious 5-Year-Old!

Macey Hensley may only be five years old, but she already knows more about the United States’ presidents than most people learn in a lifetime. I mean, she could definitely conquer me in a trivia quiz…I wouldn’t stand a chance against her!

So I wouldn’t be even a teeny tiny bit surprised if she becomes a historian someday…or maybe even the president of the United States! (She’d rock at that position…I know I would certainly vote for her!)

The spunky little girl has also got to be one of Ellen’s most hilarious guests of all time!

Learn about who her favorite president is, how she got interested in learning presidential facts, and what she wants to be when she grows up someday.

Then see Ellen crack up at 5:00 as she gives Macey a presidential trivia quiz!

This sweet little girl is beyond adorable! If you’re having a bad day, watch this video and it will definitely make you feel better.

Check it out!

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