William Shatner Combined Forces with Star Wars to Make a Boy with Autism Happy

Like many people with autism, Everett Botwright, a resident of Canada, is very particular about the food he eats. One of the few things he will consume is Star Wars Kraft mac and cheese. When he asked to try it and decided he loved it, his parents bought as many boxes as they could find.

However, the Star Wars mac and cheese was special edition and therefore wouldn’t be around forever.

When the family was down to their last box and could no longer find any at the store, Everett’s father, Reed, reached out to social media platforms with a desperate plea: if anyone had any boxes, could they please send them to the Botwright household? And if anyone knew where the mac and cheese could still be purchased, could they please let the Botwrights know where?

The response was pretty amazing…and part of that might be thanks to Star Trek actor, William Shatner. When he heard about Everett’s conundrum, he tweeted Kraft directly, asking if they could step in and help.

“I think it was at that point that I realized it was blowing up pretty big,” Reed said.

Well, it turned out that Kraft could help, indeed. They are sending the Botwrights 144 boxes, free of charge.

But that wasn’t all. A Vancouver grocery store—The Real Canadian Superstore—is also sending Everett more than 400 boxes they were able to track down.

And that’s all in addition to the individual boxes that caring strangers sent their way. Everett’s father said that they now have enough to last the little boy until college!

Needless to say, they are completely overwhelmed by the compassion, kindness, and support they’ve received. “My faith in humanity has been thoroughly restored!” he said. “We appreciate it all and don’t have enough hours in the day to thank everyone for their support.”

Yay for the internet!

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