Big Sister Starts Sobbing On Camera When They Ask THIS About Her Autistic Brother

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for the relatives of those facing autism, the video below can offer some insight.

Every disorder can come with its fair share of frustration and misconceptions, and it’s not always felt by the person with the disorder.

In this telling clip, siblings of people with autism shoot down the assumptions people might have about the disorder. For one, they describe how it’s like to have someone so close to you go through life with a disorder while you’re living life without one.

One girl describes her feelings of guilt for just living life; another person describes her experience with not getting enough attention from her parents.

While there are downsides to seeing your loved face the recurring challenges of autism, there are positive impacts that occur as well. Autism has taught these siblings how to accept people for who they are, how to find a deeper purpose in life, and how to be more tolerant, patient, and empathetic to everyone around them. In this video, every sibling seems happy and proud to have their brother or sister in their life regardless of their disability.

It’s truly beautiful to see these people talk about their siblings in such a loving manner. It’s videos like these that are a positive reminder of the beauty humankind can possess.

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This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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