Popular Therapy Dog At A Michigan Middle School Takes Her Official Student ID Photo

A dog at school is like a dream come true for elementary school students. The students at Prairieview Elementary School in Michigan are living this dream thanks to Ohana, a 1-year old black Lab who serves as a therapy dog in their school.

Ohana is a popular resource for children who are in need of a little comfort due to personal circumstances. She brings a sense of calmness not only to students in the environment but also to the staff.

Ohana underwent a vast amount of training to prepare her for becoming a therapy dog.

The students and staff rave about Ohana. Interacting with a friendly pet is known to help with many physical and mental issues.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 17 WXMI

Willow Takens, a first grader at Prairieview whose mother passed away, said petting Ohana helps her get through the tough days when she is sad from missing her mom.

The students also said Ohana enjoys belly rubs and is nothing but friendly. Jeremiah Clark, a fourth grader, said when Ohana is in the room she comes right to the students and doesn’t leave their side.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 17 WXMI

The beloved black Lab even took school pictures! I’d say that makes her an official student now.

For more on this cute story of Ohana bringing joy and comfort to many hearts at Prairieview Elementary, check out the video.

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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