Mom Breaks Down At Cracker Barrel, Then Waitress Writes Note On To-Go Bag

Georgia mom Jamie Heustess brought people around the world to tears after she shared an incredible act of kindness.

It all started with her Cracker Barrel server, Kailyn, at the restaurant’s location in Pooler, Georgia.

Cracker Barrel is best known for its down-home cooking and quaint decor, but they also seem to be big on kindness.

The latest story touching our hearts all started when Jamie stopped by the restaurant with her son and husband for dinner.

Jamie’s young son Ian has autism, and he got overwhelmed and tired. He started to have a meltdown, so his dad had to take him out.

Jamie stayed to get the food to go, and that’s when Cracker Barrel server Kailyn stepped in to change the whole night for the better.

Scroll through below to read how the whole event unfolded.

Photo: Facebook/Jamie Mathews Heustess

Jamie took to Facebook to share her story, and the post quickly gained a lot of attention.

On her own page, Jamie’s post accrued thousands of likes and comments. When it was picked up elsewhere, it got even bigger, with tens of thousands weighing in.

Here’s the story in Jamie’s own words:

Photo: Facebook/Jamie Mathews Heustess

I had a good cry walking out of our local Cracker Barrel in Pooler, GA, this evening…

I had posted earlier about the trials and adventures of trying to have a dinner out when you have a child with autism.

It is truly hit or miss… most days we do ok.

After Chris and Ian left, our waitress came to ask if we were ordering.

This was probably her 5th or 6th time stopping by the table…

Photo: Jamie Mathews Heustess

I said yes, a to-go order, just for me.

She asked if my husband or son wanted anything and I said no, my husband took our son home to reduce stimuli around him.

I told her Ian was autistic and had had a long day: awards, karate, Walmart…

His breaking point was a Nemo/Dory toy that was neither of those characters.

Photo: Jamie Mathews Heustess

By this time I was crying and having a moment, not because I was embarrassed that my son is autistic, but because he is a good kid and I didn’t want anyone to think he was just a spoiled kid being a brat.

Our server was gracious and sweet. She said it was not a problem, that she would get my order in quickly.

I sat quietly and made a post to my page about the realities of autism that you never quite know until you experience it.

Photo: Facebook/Jamie Mathews Heustess

About 15 minutes later, out comes my server with my bag of dinner.

She smiled and told me that my dinner had been taken care of, no need for payment.

I started crying all over again.

I asked if she was sure and she reassured me it was taken care of, not to worry.

I cried walking out, sure the other customers and employees thought I was crazy.

Photo: Facebook/Jamie Mathews Heustess

There was a piece of paper stapled to my bag. I thought it wad the receipt… no… it was something far more precious.

In the midst of my own meltdown she reached out with words of encouragement and a kind heart. I am very thankful.

The note read, “Your child is amazing. Mommy, be strong. Keep your head up. You are doing a great job. Have a great night. Your server, Kailyn.”

Jamie continues:

Little did I know this was TRULY a collaboration and work of love between two dedicated employees, Kailyn & her manager, James.

While she didn’t have enough tips to cover right then, she was sure she would by end of shift.

Her manager took care of the bill after learning about her actions…

Photo: Flickr/amanderson2

She left me the words I needed to hear, that I think EVERY MOM needs to hear.

Their caring and thoughtfulness did not go unnoticed…

My note from Kailyn is now hanging on my fridge, for those moments I need to be reminded of the kindness of strangers.

Speaking to LittleThings, Jamie also added:

What really resonates with me [about Kailyn] is that someone that is working very hard to provide for her son and doesn’t have a whole lot was more than willing and ready to give all she had at the time to another person.

That to me is a sign of all that is good and compassionate in this world.

It shows what a big heart Kailyn has.

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This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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