Couple Reveals They’re Having A Girl, Then Husband Surprises Everyone With A Second Box

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

When your family member is pregnant, nowadays, they’ll most likely do a gender reveal of some sort. If they want to find out the gender before birth, that is.

These parties and reveals usually end up being an adorable and exciting surprise for everyone.

Will it be pink? Will it be blue? You will not know until the cake is cut, the balloons are revealed, or the object is smashed.

Every creative idea that people come up with for these things is captivating, but the best ones are when there’s a double surprise.

Whether that be a shock to the couple about the gender, an extra surprise that doesn’t have to do with the baby, or a shock to the family about the number of kids that their beloved young couple is about to welcome into the world, everyone will be in awe.

As seen in this video, Lindsay Bate’s gender reveal is no different than the rest in terms of excitement, but they definitely do have an extra surprise.

First, they take a box out and tell everyone that the color the balloons will represent the sex of the baby. Then, they all cheer when they see that it’s a bundle of pink balloons for a baby girl.

But, thankfully, the best is yet to come. The couple brings out another box and surprises everyone, saying, “There’s two!” Everyone is stunned.

This couple hid the fact that they’re having twins! But just wait till you see what pops out of the second box!

Watch the doubly sweet reveal below!

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