These Affectionate Skeletons Are a Great Reminder That Love Is Blind

People’s capacity for love is perhaps the most amazing part of being alive.

From the humorous love we have for our favorite pizza place, to the platonic love between friends, to the romantic love between partners, to the infinite love between parents and children, we experience love every single day. It defines us and helps make us who we are.

Yet people always have a tendency to want to label love, and we’re often tempted to place it in a box that matches our own experiences and beliefs.

Many are judged by their relationships to the people in their lives based on any number of external issues, and as a result, we forget to realize that love is love, no matter what the situation is surrounding it.

The “Love Has No Labels” campaign took an X-ray screen to the streets to show people the infinite possibilities of love, and how, deep down, only the heart matters.

Check out the results in the video below!

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