Look Who’s Filming: Aspiring Filmmakers on the Spectrum

Educational opportunities and programs have improved significantly in recent years for children and adolescents with autism, but once these kids reach adulthood, support drastically drops off for people on the spectrum.

The misconception that people with ASD are able to overcome their obstacles by the time they’re adults and function as part of society without training or assistance is hurting people on the spectrum. The sudden dissolve of structure can be psychologically devastating, particularly for individuals who rely on routines to maintain a healthy mindset.

That’s why director and producer Joey Travolta founded the practical film workshop Inclusion Films.

The purpose of the program is to teach adults with developmental disabilities the art of creating a film and how to use that knowledge to join the film industry. Students take classes that cover all the parts of creating a film, even the little stuff like deciding when and where to film each part of the piece.

The program is less formal than most classroom situations and caters specifically to the needs of the students. After watching the video, we wanted to join this course too!

Watch the video for a quick tour of the Inclusion Films studio.

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