What Happens When Autistic Kids Grow Up and Age Out of the System?

At some point, all children who are on the spectrum grow up…which brings another handful of questions to families living with a child with autism. What happens next? What will happen when they age out of the system? Where will they live? Will they ever be independent?

Cafe Mom’s Lindsay Ferrier talks with Leisa Hammet, mother of 18-year-old Grace who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three.

Listen as Leisa talks about coping with Grace’s diagnosis and how they found Grace’s talent for art.

But now that Grace is reaching adulthood, her mother is hopeful that she will be able to live on her own and work amongst the rest of society despite the red tape that the government has when it comes to services for adults on the spectrum.

Learn more about Hammet’s experiences with raising her beautiful and talented daughter in the video below!

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