Lil Bub the Cat Was Born “Different,” but That Didn’t Stop Her from Becoming an Internet Sensation!

Lil Bub is a unique cat that has been an internet sensation for a while now — but have you met her behind the scenes? What about her owner?

Did you know the reason she sticks her tongue out all the time? The little sweetie never grew in any teeth. She’s also very small and has extra toes on each paw.

So while she may seem different, she is 100% healthy and happy. And she has a wonderful message for humans everywhere who are thinking about adopting pets.

Learn more about this cute fur ball in the video below! We promise you won’t be disappointed…except maybe that you don’t get to take Bub home as your own pet.

But not to worry! Another message of the video is “adopt, don’t shop,” meaning you can go out and get your own unique pet at an animal shelter, or just volunteer, to have a good time with some playful critters like Bub.

Check out Bub’s backstory for yourself!

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