Find Out How This Florida Amusement Park Has Become Autism-Friendly

If you have the desire to vacation in Florida but don’t want to go to Disney because that’s just too cliché, you have a fantastic alternative that became autism-friendly in late March, early April 2017: Legoland Resort Florida.

This change comes after over a year of work to make the park more autism-friendly. Here are a few of the new features the park offers to accomplish that.

One, because people with autism tend to have trouble waiting in lines, Legoland is offering autism families with “Hero Passes.” These are totally free of charge and allow holders to cut to the front of lines.


Two, families can also have access to “story boards,” which are guides to all the attractions in the park. This lets people with autism and their families know about potentially problematic features of the attractions, like flashing lights or loud noises.

Three, the park now offers several different quiet rooms where kids, teens, and adults with autism can escape if they need a break. These rooms are equipped with all sorts of helpful tools: weighted blankets, noise-cancelling headphones, sensory toys, and (no surprise here!) LEGOs.


In addition to this, the park has also trained all its employees (called “Model Citizens”) about autism—what it is, how they can help, and what resources they can give to guests with a family member on the spectrum.

Legoland’s Florida theme park is just one of the many businesses that are striving to reach out to customers on the spectrum. This is an exciting time for the autism community, as the world slowly becomes more and more accommodating toward its needs.

Learn more about Legoland’s work to become autism-friendly in the video below!

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