This Caregiver and Talk Show Host Has Some Fantastic Advice for Caregivers Everywhere

American talk show host Leeza Gibbons joins the ladies on Autism Live to discuss being a caregiver. Leeza’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago, and Leeza acted as one of her caregivers up until she passed away. One thing that Leeza recommends for all caregivers is finding “sanity sanctuaries:” small moments throughout the day where you can take a step back (even if just for five minutes!) and do something for yourself, whether it’s a bath or a cup of coffee.

“There is strength in knowing your limits,” Leeza says. “And I believe that’s really hard for all of us, because somewhere along the line, our brains got cross-wired into thinking that reaching a limit meant that we had failed. And that if we don’t have the answer, that we have to take the cape off and say, ‘Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I let you down.’ And yet, there’s strength in our togetherness — and the striving, and the conntected-ness, I think, is really where we lift each other.”

She goes on to say, “Being able to exhale and say, ‘Some days I’m not enough,’ and realizing that — giving yourself that humanity that you give to everybody else — is the self-care that allows you to remain buoyant, and remain on the scene.”

Watch the discussion between Leeza, Shannon, and Nancy on Autism Live to learn more about taking care of yourself as a caregiver.

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