See What Happens When Unsuspecting, Stressed Out People Are Introduced to Kittens

Are you feeling stressed out right now? Maybe your child is having a particularly rough day, maybe you’re just too busy, or maybe everything seems to be going wrong. In any case, unhealthy stress is…well, unhealthy and, if prolonged, can lead to a variety of issues, both physical and mental. That’s why it’s so important for us all to take some time each day and relax—whether that means sitting down for five minutes and practicing deep breathing, doing something we enjoy for a little bit, or spending some time with animals.

Yes, animals! Our furry/scaly/feathery friends can help us reduce stress—and any pet owner can confirm that!

Well, in the video below, a few different stressed out, unsuspecting people were put in a glass box. Imagine their shock when they soon found themselves among a bunch of playful, sweet kittens! As they interacted with the kittens, something magical happened….

Check out the result of this cool video! I’ve got to say, I’m a little jealous of these people!

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