Moms, Ever Wonder What Your Kids Think About You? These Kids Open Up

Parenting is, without a doubt, the hardest job in the world.

Though it is filled with indescribable love and joy, it can also be very trying. And many of us know it can become a habit to focus on what we’ve done wrong rather than what we’ve done right — especially when it comes to parenting. We are, after all, our own worst critics, more often than not.

But what do the people who matter most think?

The Elevation Church in North Carolina asked several moms to describe themselves as mothers, and then they asked the children to describe their moms. The responses are absolutely touching and tear-jerking.

Grab the nearest box of tissues and hit play to see how these moms react!

And as you watch, moms and dads, try to see yourselves in these people. Because parenting is hard, but we know you are doing the best you can. And your best is pretty darned amazing.

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