This 12-Year-Old Boy With Autism Is Playing In One Of The Largest Junior Golf Tournaments In The World!

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Wyatt Iles was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old, and he started playing golf when he was just four. Now, at the age of twelve, the young Californian athlete is playing in the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships at PGA National, one of the largest junior golf tournaments in the world.

“Having autism — it’s the way you’re born. You can’t make that an excuse in not doing stuff,” Wyatt says. “Otherwise you won’t be successful in life.”

And Wyatt himself has become quite successful!

In addition to being a phenomenal golfer, he is a straight A student and is already taking pre-calculus — a class students typically do not take until they are in high school. He aspires to be a golfer when he grows up, and if not that, then maybe a rocket scientist.

Way to go, Wyatt!

Hear more from Wyatt in this video!

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