The Inspiration for Golfer Jordan Spieth’s Success Is…

The 2015 Master’s tournament was won by 21-year-old Jordan Spieth. During the competition, Spieth displayed remarkable humility and sportsmanship, qualities, he says, he derives from his sister, Ellie.

Ellie was born on the autism spectrum. For Ellie, communicating and interacting is tough. Despite this, though, Jordan says Ellie is the funniest member of the family.

Hangin out with the true athlete of the family #Ellie #diva

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Last year, Jordan sat down with and spoke about his sister saying, “Ellie certainly is the best thing that’s happened in our family. It helps put things in perspective that I’m lucky to play on tour and to compete with these guys, it’s been a dream come true. I definitely attribute a lot of that to her.”

While Ellie wasn’t at the Master’s tournament to see her big brother win in person, Jordan is looking forward to telling her in person of his recent victory.

“Being Ellie’s brother,” Spieth wrote on his website, “humbles me every day of my life.” Jordan established the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation to give back to special needs youth, military families, and junior golf.

We love it when deserving people achieve their dreams and acknowledge all the people who helped them get there. Congratulations, Jordan! We’re looking forward to hearing more about you and Ellie in the future!

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