Autistic Triathlete Helps 15-Year-Old Boy With Autism Complete His First 5K Run

Marathons and triathlons are no easy feat, but Scott Frasard finishes them with ease.

He’s ran nearly 60 half marathons, finished five half Ironmans and one full Ironman.

The Ironman triathlon includes a 2.5-mile swim in the pool, more than 100 miles on bike, and a full marathon on foot.

Photo: YouTube/KVUE

Although Frasard is super successful with his marathoning, he wanted to do more, and make a difference in the world. He recently started a non-profit called the Ordinary Marathoner Foundation, which raises money to put on programs for people in need.

“It’s really to help give back to the community and bring people who couldn’t otherwise do this sort of stuff, these endurance sports, because of maybe perceived abilities or lack of access or resources,” Frasard told KVUE.

Photo: YouTube/KVUE

His resources have already helped one 15-year-old autistic boy from central Texas, who has trouble with anxiety. This has hit close to home for Frasard, who also has autism.

With help from Frasard’s foundation, Jonah Papovich has been training for his first 5k run. The foundation gave him proper running shoes, socks, running belt, and a couch to help him with his training.

Frasard’s mother, Maureen, says her son seems much happier and joyous after his training.

Photo: YouTube/KVUE

“I think it’s kind of neat how [Scott] has autism like I do,” Jonah told KVUE. “People can get to know about who I am and what sort of challenges I might be facing out there.”

“I want to let everyone know that we’re just different, we’re not less,” Frasard added.

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