Do You Know Your Options When Traveling With Someone On The Spectrum?

Traveling can be stressful no matter who you are or where you’re going — and when you have a family member on the spectrum who doesn’t cope well with new sights and sounds, this can be even more taxing. Fortunately, more and more companies are stepping up to make travel a little easier for the autism community. The Royal Caribbean cruise line is now autism-friendly, and many airlines are accommodating those on the spectrum as well, via programs like Wings For Autism.

Last year, JetBlue began a partnership with Autism Speaks in a program called Blue Horizons For Autism. The program allows families with members on the spectrum to familiarize themselves with the experience of flying, from walking through the airport to getting on the plane. There are also steps your family can take to make things easier beforehand, and you should always call the airline’s special assistance number after you book your flight so that the plane is aware of any special needs.

JetBlue has hosted Blue Horizons For Autism events at the JFK Airport and the Burbank Airport, and is looking to roll out additional events throughout its 85-city network. Remember, always ask your airline or airport what options are available for those in the autism community — they’re there to help!

Watch this video to see what JetBlue is doing for those on the spectrum.

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