Jerry Seinfeld Says He’s On The Autism Spectrum — And Explains Why

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Jerry Seinfeld is creator and host of the web series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” now on its fifth season. The famous comedian from the sitcom “Seinfeld” recently sat down with Brian Williams from NBC. He opened up about his show, and how he’s still figuring out who he is.

Over the past several years, Jerry has learned more about autism — and the more he learns, the more he sees it in himself. “I think on a very drawn-out scale — I think I’m on the spectrum,” Jerry says. “Basic social engagement is really a struggle. I’m very literal. When people talk to me and they use expressions, I don’t know what they’re saying…”

Watch the video to hear more from Jerry!

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C. Kramer is back in the Mitten State after a brief residency in the Sunshine State. She has an adorable dog-child, and enjoys reading, writing, going to the theatre, and finding pins on Pinterest.
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