17-Year-Old Boy with Autism Usually Sat on the Sidelines — But When His Coach Put Him in, Everyone Was Amazed

As the manager for his high school basketball team, Jason McElwain, a 17-year-old teen from upstate New York, usually showed his enthusiasm for the sport from the sidelines.

Jason has autism, which means he has a tough time communicating with other players and fitting in with his teammates. He practiced basketball alone for hours in the school gym but never thought he would get the chance to play for real.

But all of that changed after one groundbreaking game.

With 4:19 left on the clock, Jason’s team was up by 20 points. Jason took to the court and scored an additional 20 points in the little time remaining, making him the highest scoring player in the game — the first and only varsity game he ever played. But even more exciting than his stats is the hope Jason inspired in a young couple learning to cope with their son’s autism.

Watch footage from his jaw-dropping game in this video, and learn more about the legacy this inspiring teen is leaving. So many people want to meet this young man now!

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