Forget What You Know: Autistic Teen’s TED Talk Will Turn Your Brain Upside Down

Remember Jacob Barnett? Jacob has autism, and he’s also a child math prodigy! He had trouble in school and disliked special education because it didn’t teach him anything. Luckily, however, he was able to think on his own and start teaching himself rather than learning in the traditional methods.

He is one super inspiring kid. He was accepted to college at age 10 and id the founder and the CEO of Wheel LLC, a company which started in his mom’s garage. He is currently writing a book to help end “math-phobia!” Most importantly, he’s teaching the world how important it is to have time to think on one’s own instead of just “learning” all the time.

“Stop learning and start thinking,” Jacob encourages. Whenever he’s held back from his education in any way, he uses the extra time to do some thinking of his own. And he wishes every child with autism (and without) was encouraged to do the same.

Watch now as he gives an inspiring TEDxTeen talk on “Forgetting What We Know!”

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