Jack’s First Week Of ABA Therapy

Cheryl and Mike’s son, Jack, has begun his first week of Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy. Before therapy, Jack was mostly nonverbal and wasn’t able to connect very well with his family.

His therapist showed up on Wednesday and immediately presented Jack with a light-up book that he could only play with if he first made an “mm” sound. It didn’t take Jack very long to comply, and soon he was being rewarded for saying a wide variety of different sounds which he will later learn to form into words and phrases to communicate with his family.

His parents are very happy with Jack’s progress, as they’ve seen a huge progression in his communication and language skills. Therapy to them is finally putting Jack into an environment where he will learn how to understand and communicate with others on his own.

Watch Jack’s exercises with his therapist and witness how they’ve helped him learn words, language, and the ability to express his wants and needs. The foundation of therapy is to get good compliance and to get Jack to listen and understand directions. Early intervention is key to a child’s development on the spectrum.

Go Jack! Check out his amazing successes in the first week below!

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