This Little Cutie Uses Skills He Learned Through Play To Help Him At The Restaurant!

Have you ever met a four-year-old boy with his own theme song? Well there’s a reason Jack Riley has his own song. He’s an awesome little dude on the autism spectrum, and he’s got his own internet show. You’re going to love this.

Involving play in Jack Riley’s therapy has always been an important part of his learning process. His therapists have been working with Jack on functional play for months, and they’ve also started incorporating socio-dramatic play. This is where Jack and his two therapists work with pretend food items and alternate playing the different roles of cook, server, and customer.

After a couple months of practice, they went to a restaurant along with Jack Riley’s dad to put his new skills into action! His dad is excited, because they haven’t been to a restaurant since before the restaurant-play started.

Jack Riley wants a piece of pie, but it’s breakfast time. Find out what he orders and how he behaves in the video below. His manners are getting so good! Take a look!

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