QUIZ: How Much Do You REALLY Know About Autism?

Information and misinformation about autism abound. That pretty much goes without saying.

But can you tell the difference between the two? Do you know the characteristics of autism and the experiences behind it? Are you an autism guru, or are you just starting to learn about the disorder?

Answer the 12 “true or false” questions below, and you will get an idea of where you are at. Then share your score with us in the comments, and send the quiz to your friends and family to see how they do.

You can even get a little competitive about it, too, if you’d like. Let’s say that the winner gets all the cookies from us! (Well, okay, maybe not, but the winner totally, 100 percent has our blessing to go and eat their favorite kind of cookie!)

Good luck, and remember: no going to Google to look up the answers. There is no fun in cheating, and there are no cookies to be earned in cheating! 😉


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