POLL: Which of These 6 Areas of Autism Research Should Be Prioritized?

On a regular basis, we see scientific study after scientific study coming out on autism. But sometimes one can’t help but wonder: are researchers really using their precious time and resources as wisely as they could be? Are they looking into the subjects that matter most to those with autism and their families? Or do they have a penchant for studying less important things and therefore overlooking the needs most pressing and important to the autism community at large?

We wanted to know what you thought, which is why we compiled this little survey for you to vote on.

Below are six subjects related to autism research. Whichever one you think needs to be researched and prioritized most, click on the red “up” arrow on the lefthand side of the screen to vote for it.

A note: a few of the subjects listed below are studied more than others. Try not to let that fact sway you; choose the subject you think is most important for us to know about, regardless of how much it has already been studied.

Let’s see what subjects the autism community really wants to see researched…


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