QUIZ: Determine Whether or Not These Events in Autism History Actually Happened

Some people will have you believe that autism is a new condition. However, that is simply not true; autism has always existed throughout history, with many famous figures having been suspected to be on the autism spectrum. (To learn some of the great people of the past who have been rumored to have autism, check out this list here.)

In fact, the term “autism” was first coined in 1911, and even before that, people from the past have described conditions that today would likely be classified as autism.

Now the question is, how much do you know about autism’s history? Do you know about what happened and what didn’t happen as it was explored throughout the 20th century? Take this quiz to test your knowledge. And be sure to share the results with your friends!

Want to learn more about autism’s history?

Learn about this fantastic book by Steve Silberman that delves deep into the past. It’s a must-read for all in the autism community!

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